Purchasing Property in Jerusalem
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10am, June 23rd 2019, Congregation Keter Torah, Teaneck, NJ

8:00pm, June 23rd 2019, JMark Interiors Showroom, 461 Central Avenue, Cedarhurst, NY

8:00pm, June 24th 2019, Riverdale Jewish Center, 3700 Independence Ave, The Bronx, NY

8:15pm, June 25th 2019, Young Israel of New Rochelle, NY

8:00pm, June 26th 2019, Lincoln Square Synagogue, NY

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About The Events

Thinking about purchasing a property in Jerusalem? Have questions? We've assembled a panel of top Jerusalem based real estate professionals who are ready to answer any questions you may have. The event is an open panel discussion, open to the audience to ask whatever questions that you may have.

June 23rd 2019

Congregation Keter Torah
600 Roemer Avenue
Teaneck, NJ

June 23rd 2019

JMark Interiors Showroom
461 Central Avenue
Cedarhurst, NY

June 24th 2019

Riverdale Jewish Center
3700 Independence Ave
The Bronx, NY

June 25th 2019

Young Israel of New Rochelle
1149 North Ave
New Rochelle, NY

June 26th 2019

Lincoln Square Synagogue
180 Amsterdam Ave
New York, NY

Panel Members

Meet our panel members - click their name to visit their website. For more information, see below.

Speaker 4

Daniel Eisenberg

International Money Transfer Expert

Speaker 5

Yair Givati

Real Estate Attorney

More Information about our Panel Members

  • Ben has close to ten years experience as a licensed real estate agent working in the residential property market of Jerusalem.

    Ben manages the residential sales team at CapitIL, and one of his many areas of expertise is in helping clients to purchase brand new apartments 'on paper'.

    CapitIL was founded as an English speaking agency to offer a better service for overseas buyers looking to purchase a property in Jerusalem.

    CapitIL has a great selection of properties available for sale for a wide range of budgets and needs.

  • Jeffrey has decades of experience of delivering interior design projects for his customers at the highest standards.

    The opening of JMark's Jerusalem office has enabled many clients to make a home in Israel, built to the same high quality that they would expect to find in America.

    JMark offer a one stop shop for any renovation work or new build projects enabling you to manage the entire process in English and know that it will be delivered to the same standards that you would expect in America.

  • Tzvi is a co-founder of First Israel Mortgages.

    First Israel is a boutique mortgage brokerage providing services to Anglo investors since 2010.

    First Israel has financed over 2 Billion NIS in Israeli residential real estate purchases while providing their clients with preferred financing terms and VIP service - savings clients both time and money.

  • Daniel Eisenberg made Aliyah from Riverdale, New York in 2014. While in NY he was looking for the best way to move his money and he chose IsraTransfer. After being a satisfied client Daniel was hired to manage business development on a part time basis. 5 years later he is the Director of Business Development with the specialty of handling complex real estate transactions for foreign buyers.

  • Yair Givati, Esq., is a lawyer at Haim Givati & Co., which was established in 1970. The firm specialize in real-estate law and transactions, and all related matters. Being fully bilingual, Yair guides foreigners through the often daunting bureaucracies involved in purchasing a property in Israel, ensuring the client is informed and comfortable through every step of the legal process. No question is futile for Yair, who prides himself on being available to address any questions or concerns that arise during the process.

    Yair Givati specializes in real-estate transactions, real-estate taxes, tax planning, rentals, Tama 38, property management, corporate and commercial transactions.